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Professionalism, transparency and trust


E-Motion, part of the Trasparenze group, was born in 2001

It is 2004 when E-Motion offers the market the first innovative customized cuts of the group, Horse and Butterfly, which join the timeless classics that have characterized the diamond industry for years.


Always at the forefront of product innovation (among the first companies in Italy to create a line of blistered precious stones) and technology (among the first companies in the sector in Italy to provide itself with a B2B portal that allows operators to know in real time the availability of its diamonds), E-Motion has also been the first and only wholesale diamond supplier in Italy since 2016 to provide its customers with an iOS and Android App with which it is possible to access the vast catalog of certified diamonds from the company.

Today more than ever, E-Motion is active in the distribution of selected gems within the Campania goldsmith district, consolidating its presence and influence in the sector, through the increasingly concrete and tangible association of its image with that of transparency , honest, professionalism.


E-Motion works with the standards set by the major global gemological institutes

2020 we continue to follow the market trying to work alongside our customers by offering a range of advanced services

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