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Brown diamonds

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What are brown diamonds? Brown diamonds are exciting natural colors of this gemstone acquired from the diamond mines of Siberia, South Africa and Australia.

Rio Tinto-operated argyle mines in Western Australia produce the largest amount of brown diamonds in the world.


The birth of the diamond deep in the Earth's core requires unimaginable pressure and heat exerted on the carbon crystals present within the rock and on the trace elements located within its reticular structure.


The tremendous pressure and heat sometimes distort and abnormally compress its structure, resulting in purple, red, pink and brown colored stones! If the hydrogen, nitrogen, boron and other elements present inside interact with the carbon atoms during the creation of the diamond, its color can change. Alternatively, this can also happen due to radiation exposure.


Brown diamonds can have various shades of colors with such interesting names as Cognac Diamond Chocolate Diamond Champagne Diamond


It is important to remember if Brown, Cognac, Chocolate or Champagne are at the heart of similar diamonds. They have no differences in extraction, processing or geology and generally the same suppliers offer all these types of diamonds in different variations of the BROWN color. Cognac Diamonds Exotic, rich, warm and dark the Cognac color has a special place in the hearts of diamond lovers thanks to its bold and attractive appearance. Combine them with colorless stones and jewelry designs to create an exquisite charm.

These are arguably the rarest and darkest varieties associated with brown diamonds. As such, these are of great value among the colorful varieties available in nature. Argyle diamonds created the C1-C8 color scale and in this the Cognac stones occupy the highest position in C8.

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